Future Demo List!

Demonstration Artists!

Demonstrators at the Culver City Bead Bazaar generously donate their time to showcase various techniques in metal work, bead weaving, crimping, wire wrapping and other creative pursuits. Come support them, and learn something!


These are some folks who may be at our Bazaar in October! Stay tuned as we update this page with more current demonstrators info! Thanks.

Janice Metz – Peyote with a Twist – Not Crochet or Peytwist


Janice Metz, Jewelry Designer and Demonstrator, will be demonstrating a technique created by Gerlinde Lenz, Peyote with a Twist – Not Crochet. This technique is a beautiful stitch that is meant to emulate bead crochet but utilizes peyote stitch. The designs are endless and can be very intricate. You can visit Ms. Lenz’s Facebook page Peyote with a Twist – not crochet to get an idea just how versatile this stitch can be especially if you find bead crochet difficult. Thanks to Ms. Lenz’s generosity, there is a plethora of free designs for the taking. Gerlinde has graciously given me permission to demonstrate this stitch at our Bead Bazaar. So please stop by and see what this new technique is all about.



Janice Metz – Not only has she been serving the needs of jewelry designers and fabricators since 1997 as a Jewelry Assembler, Ms. Metz has always had a love of making jewelry. She wanted to share her expertise by teaching workshops privately and through the Culver City Rock & Mineral Club. She has established the Culver City Rock & Mineral Club Beading Series Program, in addition to, overseeing the Culver City Rock & Mineral Club’s Jewelry Workshop Series which teaches various jewelry making techniques. The monthly workshops are fun, informative and patiently taught in a relaxed atmosphere. She is a member of the Culver City Rock & Mineral Club and holds the positions of Publicity and Workshop Chairperson. For information, please contact her at JenFT4@gmail.com or visit the Culver City Rock & Mineral Club’s Facebook page.


When: Sunday, April 19, 2020

Making Gem Trees with Audrone Kazlauskene



Audrone Kazlauskene’s first introduction to the beads and the beading was at “The Bead Society” in the early nineties at the old location (church) in the city of Westwood. Around the year of 2000 she took a class regarding making Gem  Trees. “I enjoyed making them then and I still enjoy making them now and I would like to show others how it’s done.”




Renée and Macramé Keychains


Renée Raymond, 

Learn to macramé a cool retro keychain with Renée Raymond, jewelry making instructor.  Visit her booth in the Main Auditorium and she will teach you the basic stitches of macramé in this FREE “Make & Take” class.  Renée has been teaching jewelry making classes in the Culver City area for 15 years.  She would love to chat, so stop by and say hi!

Come watch her demo!



Renée Raymond has been teaching jewelry, crochet and knitting classes privately and at local adult schools since 2005. Students have attended her classes at West LA College, Culver City Adult School, Crafts on the Rocks, and The Bead Society meetings. She is a certified jewelry making instructor with Michaels’ chain of craft stores and a member of the Bead Society. In addition, she has over twelve years of experience teaching in the business world as a corporate trainer and possesses a bachelor’s degree in English and Speech with an emphasis in Secondary Education.

Answering Questions & Identifying Gemstones!

Ken Rogers - (CCRMC)



We welcome Ken Rogers from the Culver City Rock and Mineral Club to the Bead Bazaar to answer your beading questions & identify Gem beads!  Ken offers free gem bead identification & information, plus answers to many beading, gemstone and jewelry related questions. We encourage visitors to bring in stones, jewelry and gems for Ken to look at. Bring your questions to him!




Ken is a local jewelry designer, speaker and teacher. He is well known for his knowledge of beading and gem beads.