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Demonstration Artists!

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Demonstrators at the Culver City Bead Bazaar generously donate their time to showcase various techniques in metal work, bead weaving and other creative pursuits. These are some folks from our most recent Bazaar! Stay tuned as we update this with current demonstrators! Thanks.

Brad Smith - Make Your Gemstones Pop!

10am - 5:00pm


Brad Smith’s demo for the Culver City Bead Bazaar will be “Make Your Gemstones Pop!” It will show how to inexpensively embellish a common cabochon to be used in your jewelry projects. It’s called a stone-on-stone mounting, where a small accent stone is attached onto a larger base cabochon to form a more complex and eye-catching design.

The demo will show how to form a silver bezel for the accent stone and then how to set the stone. Also shown will be how to drill a hole in the base cabochon and how a tube rivet is used to fasten the two components. Composite gemstones like this help to give a unique, customized look to pendants, rings and bracelets.


Bradford Smith is a studio jeweler, author, lapidary, and jewelry instructor who teaches at the Adult Education Center in Santa Monica, CA. He enjoys rockhounding in the desert, photography, and scuba diving. He is a member of the Culver City Rock Club and the Metal Arts Society of Southern California.

Precious Metal Arts


Petra Blum will demonstrate the techniques related to creating “your own findings” – pendants, charms, earrings, rings, etc., to be incorporated with wire wrapping and bead stringing.

These are relatively easy techniques for creating pieces in brass, bronze, sterling silver, and gold.

Precious Metal Arts
2510 Main Street, Suite C
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: (310) 581-4844

Janice Metz - Bead Crochet


Janice Metz, Jewelry Designer, will be demonstrating Bead Crochet techniques at the Culver City Bead Bazaar. You won’t believe just how easy and fun it really is! Stop on by, learn a new technique and see various designs utilizing this very versatile and relaxing bead stitch.



Janice Metz – Not only has she been serving the needs of jewelry designers and fabricators since 1997 as a Jewelry Assembler, Ms. Metz has always had a love of making jewelry. She wanted to share her expertise by teaching classes privately and through the Culver City Rock and Mineral Club. She has established the Culver City Rock and Mineral Club Beading Series Program teaching various projects highlighting one beading technique per class. The classes are fun, informative and patiently taught in a relaxed atmosphere. She is a member of the Culver City Rock and Mineral Club and holds the position of Publicity Chairperson. For information, please contact her at

Ken Rogers - The Answer Man

from the Culver City Rock and Mineral Club



We welcome Ken Rogers to the Bead Bazaar to answer your questions! He can tell you about bead hole size and proper stringing, use of Softflex, and identification of gems and beads (real or fake). Bring your questions to him!




Ken is a local jewelry designer, speaker and teacher. He is well known for his knowledge of beading and gem beads.

New Metal Artists

A supportive community of jewelry and small object artists gathering for support and knowledge. We love new faces, so join us for our next meeting; second Sunday of each month, see the reminders and wrap-ups for location. As before, we were going to focus on a demo of metal clay although our group, New Metal Artists, inspire one another in many different jewelry mediums. Our demo will show a variety of different types of metal clays, how to roll out the clay, how it can be textured and molded, and we will have finished pieces on display.

Chris Brooks - Metal Clay Scarecrow

Marcia C - Ring & Large Stone Metal Clay